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Philipp Meier

Liberator was initially created by Philipp Meier as a Clojure port of Erlang’s webmachine. Since then it has evolved in it’s own ways.

Philipp is a freelance java web developer doing java development since 1997. He lives in Germany, and is a father of three.

Whenever there is an interesting project, especially where he can apply his clojure skills, he is available for hire as a consultant or for contracting.

Malcolm Sparks

After creating it’s own clojure web library, “plugboard”, he joined forces with Philipp and added a whole lot to liberator. He was the initial developer of liberator’s representation and is a driver behind the idea of “liberating data”.

Malcolm is a java developer and “works in a bank”. He speaks regularly about liberator and is Liberator’s most active evangelist.

All the others

The Liberator team tries to live an open development model, embracing contribution by others. Currently there are commits by about 10 other developers. We love how Github makes it dead easy to contribute even a one liner fix.