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New in 0.15.3

  • Remove old examples. These dependet on an ancient clojurescript version which blocked updating some dependencies
  • Update clojure versions in the build matrix.
  • Allow defresource to have a docstring (#305)
  • Improve liberator.util/combine to not return lazy sequences (#304)

Bugs fixed

  • Use minimum quality value when one provided is malformed (#199)

New in 0.15.2

Bugs fixed

  • Log sequence could grow beyond limit (#295)
  • Removed dependency (#290)

New in 0.15.1

  • Fix missing default value for :patch-enacted?

New in 0.15.0

  • Posting to an existing resource checks for conflicts.
  • Add :post-enacted?, :put-enacted? and :patch-enacted? which return status 202 accepted if true.
  • Drop support for clojure versions 1.6 and ealier.
  • Bump dependency revision to non-ancient versions.
  • Drop dependency on compojure except for examples.
  • #201 Add support for using a instance to specify a Location for moved handlers

New in 0.14.1

  • Improved highlighting of tracing view

Bugs fixed

  • #253 fix highlighting in tracing view broken since 0.14.0

New in 0.14.0

  • The defresource macro no longer implicitly binds request.

  • Values can be added to the context at the beginning of the execution flow using the :initialize-context action.
  • If no handler is specified, the key :message is looked up from the context to create a default response.
  • JSON body can be parsed into :request-entity by setting representation/parse-request-entity for :processable? parse-request-entity is a multimethod which can be extended for additional media types.

New in 0.13

  • Optionally a value can be specified for ring-response together with a ring map. This value is coerced to a response like liberator does by default while the ring map makes it possible to override whatever part of the response.

Bugs fixed

  • #169 Always call as-response, even for default handlers
  • #206 avoid undesired deep merge of context
  • #212 For status 201, 301, 303 and 307 the location header is added automatically. This used to be the case only for 201.

New in 0.12.2

Bugs fixed

  • This release actually contains the changes announced for 0.12.1 Due to whatever reason the revision in clojars did not match what was tagged as 0.12.1 in the git repository.

New in 0.12.1

Bugs fixed

  • Fix a regression and make default :handle-exception rethrow the exception. This matches the behaviour before 0.12.0
  • Update the decision graph to include new paths after PATCH support was added.

New in 0.12.0

  • #115 Support for PATCH method, thanks to Davig Park
  • Add :handle-exception which is invoked when decision functions or handlers throw an exception.

New in 0.11.1

  • #138 Adds support to return a zero arguments function from a decision. The return value of the function will be the new context value.

New in 0.11.0

  • #97 Adds support for a default resource definition map parameter that simlpifies the reuse of resource definitions. This also adresses #95, however in a different way than it was proposed.
  • #100 resources can specify :as-response to plug in custom implementations


  • Bumps version of hiccup to 1.0.3
  • Bumps plugin versions to prepare compatibility with 1.6
    • lein-midje -> 3.1.3
    • lein-ring -> 0.8.10
    • ring-devel -> 1.2.1
    • ring-jetty-adapter -> 1.2.1

New in 0.10.0

Bugs fixed

  • Reenable suppport for keyword as a handler function
  • #71 Add locations header to 201 created
  • #65 Make sure svg path is highlighted
  • #77 Multiple link header values as vector
  • #49 OPTIONS should return 200 OK and “Allow” header
  • #50 HTTP 405 response must include an Allow-Header
  • #68 handle-options sends 201 created and not 200 or 204

New in 0.9.0


  • UTF-8 is now the default character set for Representations
  • New web console for traces, include trace link header
  • Add “ETag” and “Last-Modified” automatically
  • Add “Vary” automatically
  • Add declaration :available-media-types?
  • Add support for HEAD request
  • Extractor for graphviz dot file that reads core.clj
  • Bump hiccup dependency to 1.0.2
  • Add can-put-to-missing?
  • Fix representation render-map-csv
  • Make liberator build with lein 2.0.0RC1 (manage dependencies)
  • Drop unnecessary methods from Representation
  • Dispatch Representation on MapEquivalence and Sequential which increased robustness
  • Fixes to HTML Table representation (missing tr)
  • Render Clojure Representation using *print-dup*
  • Support “application/edn” representation

Bugs fixed

  • #28 Head requests
  • Do not re-use generated ETag and Last-Modified during request because they can have changed after post! et. al.
  • Handlers for redirect status work now reliably
  • Fix Postbox example using value, not function for post!

New in 0.8.0


  • Include olympics example data in source tree

Bugs fixes

  • Handle line-break and whitespace in Accept headers
  • Ignore case in character set negotiation
  • #12 String representation sets character set
  • #9 Missing media-type for “hello george” example
  • #11
  • #14 Use newer org.clojure:data.csv

New in 0.7.0

Revision 0.7.0 has been accidentally skipped