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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does liberator call post! after the handler function?

Short answer: it doesn’t!

Long answer: most likely you did not the declare post! action as a function but as a value. Due to the exact details of the defresource macro expansion, the form used as the value is evaluated at unexpected times.

(def x (atom 0))
(defresource wrong
  :post! (swap! x inc) ;; this is the bug
  :handle-ok (fn [_] (format "The counter is %d" @x)))
(defresource right
  :post! (fn [_] (swap! x inc) ;; this is right
  :handle-ok (fn [_] (format "The counter is %d" @x)))

If you want to understand the glory details, macroexpand both forms and reason on the lexical scopes.

Why are post requests refused with a 405?

Add :post to the list at :allowed-methods

(defresource post-me-harder 
  :allowed-methods [:get :post])

Why aren’t there more FAQ? Where can I get help?

There weren’t that many questions that came up frequently. To get support quickly, please post your question to our Google Group.